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Posted by glasstastictreasures on July 22, 2008 at 6:43 AM Comments comments (0)

To be able to better manage my time, I will be moving all my blog posts to:

No worries, when you click on my blog link, it will automatically take you there!!  Have a great day!



What a feeling!

Posted by glasstastictreasures on July 20, 2008 at 6:38 PM Comments comments (0)

I just put some beads in the kiln.  I think they're going to turn out great!  I have two mice, done two ways.  A cool bead made with copper mesh.  Can't wait to see that one.  A couple bug beads.  I could have made more, but I need a mental vacation after working on this website all day! 

It was fun though.  I hope you enjoy the new look.

Gas priceds! Grocery prices! Shipping fees! What can YOU do?

Posted by glasstastictreasures on July 19, 2008 at 9:26 AM Comments comments (1)

Everything is going up, up, up!  Which is making our paychecks go down, down, down!  

There may not be much you can do, except maybe...grow you own cotton, veggies, livestock, drill for oil in the back yard, start your own shipping company...

Well, we can't all go and do that now, can we?  But I can offer you a great money saving gift, something small, yet it will still bring a smile to your face!  

Free shipping!  Limited time, so don't miss out.  Check out my shop.  Just click on "SHOP" at the left and enjoy!


Have a safe and happy summer!


Webspecial at Glasstastic Treasures

Posted by glasstastictreasures on January 30, 2008 at 7:38 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow, Is January over yet?  It's so cold I froze my lungs today.  -26 this a.m. at 5:30.  Brrrrr.  

To add some excitement and spice up my cold and dreary January, I'd decided to do something special for all my great customers.  And then I thought, well hey, why not offer it to everyone!  If I know you gals, like I think I know you gals, there's nothing like a sale.  And if I know you men, like anything like my man, you want to save $$.  

Check out my coupon.  Feel free to purchase and save 20% for up to one month of shopping!  The countdown clock starts with your first purchase, and you'll have an additional 30 days after that to SAVE SAVE SAVE!!  

Log onto to shop for great handmade lampwork beads and jewelry!  Below is the coupon.  Just follow the easy instructions and viola, 20% off!!

Feel free to contact me via the etsy site, or email me at [email protected]!  



This text is very small, so to recap:

Glasstastic Treasures

I have really appreciated everyone's patronage at myh online store.  This coupon is my way of thanking you.

Get 20% off by adding the code (20%2008) to the comment section upon purchase.  Wait for an adjusted invoice to be emailed before you pay.

Sorry, stained glass items are not included in this special.

Remember, customer orders are welcome.

I will be adding new items very soon.  Please check back often!


Mastering the mess?

Posted by glasstastictreasures on January 20, 2008 at 4:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Can it be done?  Mastering the mess?  Well, let's see.  I am definately NOT one for mastering anything that has to do with organizing or cleaning.  And quite honestly I'm too lazy.  

But lately I've been finding my creative juices have slowed to the pace of molassas in January.  And it IS cold outside.  So what better to do then organize my office.  

First of all, let me apologize. I did not take any before pictures.  But I will start by saying that I have a small house, and absolutely NO storage.  What little storage is filled to the brim.  One bedroom closet is full of seasonal decorations, mostly Christmas.  This closet is located in my office.

The hall closet is jam packed with the grand kids toys.  And the spare bedroom is currently storage for my kitchen items as we are renovating that!  But I will gladly show you my non attempts at storing whatever I wanted out of my site by shoving, piling, or burying it in the office.  Here are some pictures of my typical "unorganized" style!  

For example, here's the space under my desk.  Yeah, that's right, it's packed!!  So you can imagine what the top looked like.  The only thing I had room for on top of the desk is a small spot where I'd take pictures of my beads and jewelry.  Not a whole lot of room to create.  And by the way...this is a HUGE office desk that's about 100 years old.  More or less. lol.

Below is the slide show.  I have quite a bit of stuff I don't need.  For instance, I collect candles.  And I used to sell Home Interiors.  And I have a hard time gettng rid of things.  So all MY extras are in my office.

But I think I have a great start with my newly organized desktop!  Feel free to leave comments for me!


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